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If you have not yet filled out the proper medical documentation, you must visit the Forms section and fill them out in order to procure medical cannabis. You may fill them out online or print them out and fill them out by hand.

There are two (2) forms you must fill out:
1) Form A: If you have a legal residence or Form B: If you are without a legal residence

2) Form C: Which provides information regarding delivery to your healthcare professional

And one (1) form that your medical professional must fill out:
Medical Document: 
Which confirms your eligibility and prescribable amount. 

Need a medical professional?

Once you are approved, Beleave will send you a “Client ID” and password to the email you provided in your forms – which is a secondary login which gives you access to our shops.


If you have received your Client ID and Password, please feel free to visit our shop now!

If you have filled out the proper forms and have had your Medical Professional fill out theirs, you now simply have to wait for the documents to be reviewed by our team. As soon as our team has reviewed everything, you will immediately be contacted with a “Client ID” and password. From there, just visit our Shop (in the menu above) with the provided information!

Please visit our Account Settings page in order to change your login’s email or password. Please note that this is strictly related to your main account – anything related to changing your Shop portal’s account will require completion of an Amendment Form.

Herbal Cannabis

One of the more popular consumption options is to grind the cannabis bud and smoke it either in a device (like a pipe) or to use rolling papers to roll it into a marijuana cigarette (joint). If you wish to directly consume the cannabis bud but don’t wish to smoke, you can always use a Vaporizer – which is part of Beleave’s harm reduction program.