Cannabis Users Have Come a Long Way

Cannabis Users Have Come a Long Way

It wasn’t long ago that using marijuana and/or cannabis was often associated with a certain type of societal stereotype: the stoner. This stoner image took a variety of forms: a flower child of the 1960s with long hair and glazed over eyes; a dopey teenager searching for the perfect snack; Cheech or Chong – take your pick; even actor Matthew McConaughey naked and banging on some bongo drums.


But a leaf has since turned over – and cannabis users have come a long way. And not just because the stuff was legalized in Canada as of October 2018. But because more and more people – educated people, scientific people – are advocating for its medicinal properties and health benefits. 


We at Beleave are happy to kiss this outdated stoner stereotype goodbye as our clients don’t fit any of these antiquated and offensive caricatures. It’s 2019 and if you’re interested in who the contemporary cannabis users of today are – then keep on reading.


Who’s using cannabis today? Here’s who:


Senior Citizens


According to a recent National Post article, more and more Canadian seniors are jumping on the cannabis bandwagon. Not only because it’s now legalized – but because health issues they are experiencing can sometimes be lessened by the effects of cannabis. It can help soften the blow caused by common ailments of the aging such as arthritis, nerve pain, side effects caused by medical treatments and even dementia. According to website The Growth Op – adults over the age of 50 are currently the fastest growing group of cannabis users.


Not to mention, the stigma surrounding cannabis use is fading – and the geriatric set is taking advantage. They no longer have the responsibilities holding them back from indulging – and now they have the time, the money and more importantly – the inclination.


At Beleave, our CBD/THC oil is what we often recommend to our more mature clients for a variety of reasons. For one, the accompanying syringe makes it easy to customize as well as control the dosage – especially for those not steady of hand. And because our oil is an edible and not a concentrate, it’s discreet to use – a few drops in your morning coffee or tea or even directly under your tongue and you’re good to go.



Individuals with chronic pain


According to the National Post, Canadian GPs recommend cannabis as an effective treatment with these four types of specific pain management: nerve pain, palliative care, nausea and/or vomiting caused by chemotherapy and pain associated with spinal cord injuries. 


Since becoming legalized nationwide, cannabis is currently a legitimate option for individuals looking to manage their pain in an alternative way from the prescribed painkiller knee-jerk reaction of the past. Not only is cannabis often more gentler on the system than the typical painkiller – but it can be less addictive as well.


Our San Fernando Valley strain is often touted by clients as an optimal pain reliever from a myriad of conditions including back pain as well as symptoms associated with IBS.


Beleave’s newest addition and soon-to-be-available strain, Blue Dream, has a wonderful track record in helping combat painful symptoms associated with a number of conditions including MS.


While cannabis may sometimes be praised as a miracle cure-all – this is not necessarily the case. Its effects as well as reactions can vary from individual to individual. Effective cannabis use may require some trial and error in order to find the balance that best works for the person seeking pain relief. And of course, when using cannabis for health reasons, it is always better to do so while under the care of a health care professional who is knowledgeable in the area of cannabis and its effects.


Professional chefs


More and more chefs are using cannabis as a not-so-secret ingredient in their cooking – and not just for recreational purposes. This relatively uncharted cuisine territory can prove to be the perfect way for chefs to challenge themselves creatively. 


Talk to any of Beleave’s clients who fancy themselves a whiz in the kitchen and they’ll tell you that our San Fernando Valley strain is ideal for making homemade cannabutter. And for our clients looking for a bit of unique flavour enhancement, a sprinkling of our aromatic strains such as Pink Kush or Ultra Sour to salads, stir-fries or sauces adds some sweet or sour zing to their cuisine. 




There is still a lot of research required around the benefits of cannabis use – especially where children are concerned. And while some pediatricians are steering clear of considering cannabis for their young patients – not all medical professionals share this view. Many doctors are open to the health potential in younger patients suffering from issues like epilepsy or cancer. That said, cannabis is still a drug – which means it must be used with caution and should only be dosed and administered to a child or youth under the care of a medical professional.


People suffering from mental health issues


While excessive cannabis use is sometimes blamed for exacerbating certain mental health conditions – what is not always realized is that in some instances it is actually prescribed in order to combat mental health conditions. In certain instances, cannabis has a place in easing symptoms for issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD and even schizophrenia. 


Medicinal cannabis has had positive results in helping individuals regain their appetite, relieving feelings of anxiety and benefiting those suffering from insomnia. Our perfected balance of CBD and THC together creates a subtle-tasting, light-feeling oil often resulting in a soothing effect. It’s a great way to calm the mind while also paving the way toward a solid night’s sleep. As well, Beleave’s Pink Kush strain is known to be a great appetite stimulant and our Ultra Sour is used by many of our clients in order to quell feelings of anxiety.


However, especially where mental health is concerned, it is recommended that any cannabis use is overseen by medical staff trained in this specific area.


Recreational users


And yes, cannabis is still enjoyed by a wide range of recreational users looking for a pleasant and mild high. Typically, these individuals are seeking a way to relax and be comfortable with something alternative to alcohol consumption. 


Today, cannabis usage no longer means simply smoking a joint. It comes in a variety of forms including edibles, oils and even sprays. Any and all of Beleave’s uniquely blended strains and oils are enjoyed by clients looking to relax and enjoy their pleasant effect.


While recreational users from the past and present may be seeking a similar outcome from their cannabis use, there’s no denying the fact that today’s cannabis user has come a long way from the spaced out stoner from days of yore.


*Disclaimer: While there is not enough concrete scientific evidence to support the claims of medicinal benefits of cannabis, that does not mean they do not exist nor that particular strains do not have the potential to help others medically. We at Beleave are committed to making our clients and patients a top priority, yet we are not licensed medical professionals and as such cannot offer medical advice. It is always best for clients to speak to their doctors regarding the potential risks involved with cannabis use.


Sources: The National Post; The Growth Op; Leafly​


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