Welcome to the documents page. Please download the forms below and send them to the appropriate party, or fill them out online and await an acceptance email!

Please note that you’ll need to fill out Form A or B, and Form C. The Medical Document will need to be printed and delivered to your healthcare professional.

Form A

This Document pertains to Applicant with a Residence.

Form B

This Document pertains to Applicants without a Residence.

Form C

Delivery to your Health Care Professional.

Medical Document

This is a document for Medical Professionals to fill out for their patients.

Amendment Form

This is the amendment form if you would like to change any part of your account.

Herbal Cannabis

One of the more popular consumption options is to grind the cannabis bud and smoke it either in a device (like a pipe) or to use rolling papers to roll it into a marijuana cigarette (joint). If you wish to directly consume the cannabis bud but don’t wish to smoke, you can always use a Vaporizer – which is part of Beleave’s harm reduction program.