$8.00 PER GRAM
Indica-Dominant Hybrid
THC 12-17% CBD 0-0.05%

An Indica-dominant hybrid that came from crossing DJ Short Blueberry with an unknown Afghani strain. Shishkaberryʼs buds have a fruit and berry aroma with shades of purple.


$9.00 PER GRAM
Indica-Dominant Hybrid
THC: 4-8% CBD: 7-11%

Created by mixing an almost pure Sativa strain called Hawaiian with a very strong purple Indica strain. The effects of God Bud are euphoric and relaxing.


$10.00 PER GRAM
Indica Dominant Hybrid
THC 12-19% CBD 0-0.05%

Cold Creek Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid that crosses the powerful MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91. Piney and sour, users love its fresh taste and balanced effects.


$12.00 PER GRAM
Indica-Dominant Hybrid
THC: 18-22% CBD: 0-0.1%

This high THC Indica-Dominant Hybrid strain is the result of breeding the Indica-Dominant MK Ultra with the Sativa-Dominant East Coast Sour Diesel. It’s an uplifting, best of both worlds strain of cannabis with THC levels from 13%-20%. Light green, a speckling of orange and a strong aroma that’s as sweet as it is sour.


$12.00 PER GRAM
Indica-Dominant Hybrid
THC 18-22% CBD 0-0.1%

Pink Kush, derived from its OG Kush relative, is an indica-dominant hybrid with strong body-focused effects. Pink hairs pop from bright green buds, hardly visible under vast sugar-like trichomes. Sweet vanilla and candy are the strongest tasting notes.

*THC/CBD content varies by batch. For exact product content, please log into the store





We have begun oil production using state of the art extraction technologies.

With Beleave cannabis oils, patients can expect more precise dosing and longer lasting effects.

Beleave will have three oils available at launch: High THC, Low THC and 1:1. Beleave will also have the Blue Dream strain available soon.

Herbal Cannabis

One of the more popular consumption options is to grind the cannabis bud and smoke it either in a device (like a pipe) or to use rolling papers to roll it into a marijuana cigarette (joint). If you wish to directly consume the cannabis bud but don’t wish to smoke, you can always use a Vaporizer – which is part of Beleave’s harm reduction program.