We test our products to ensure they are free from chemical contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals such as lead or arsenic that could originate from water or microbiological contaminants such as bacteria, fungus, yeast or mold.  We also test the percentages of active ingredients in our products.

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Always Advancing the Science

We are constantly developing our understanding of the medicinal treatments. As we do, we will continue to develop products through advanced techniques using cutting edge extraction and analytical equipment. Our hope is to extract, isolate and identify unique compounds for drug standardization and to further evaluate their medicinal values.

Finding Optimal Treatments

As we continue to progress the science behind our craft, we’ll be able to advance therapeutical applications and provide increasingly customized treatment options for patients. This includes advanced symptom management strategies and the ability to allow healthcare practitioners a more comprehensively oversight of their patients treatment.

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Herbal Cannabis

One of the more popular consumption options is to grind the cannabis bud and smoke it either in a device (like a pipe) or to use rolling papers to roll it into a marijuana cigarette (joint). If you wish to directly consume the cannabis bud but don’t wish to smoke, you can always use a Vaporizer – which is part of Beleave’s harm reduction program.