Not only does Beleave implement state-of-the-art technology and the highest level of agricultural expertise into our growing operations, but we also rely on specially developed growing mixture that allows us to grow the best plants possible. Our proprietary nutrient formulation is part of what helps us provide our customers with the exact product they need – it’s part of what makes us Beleave.


Not only does beleave implement technology and agricultural expertise into our growing operations, it relies on specially developed growing mixtures. This proprietary nutrient formula is part of what help us provide our customers with the exact product they need – it’s part of what makes us beleave.

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Working closely with academic collaborators that include expert plant evolutionary ecologist Dr. Lesley Campbell, associate professor in the Ryerson University Department of Chemistry and Biology (, the company’s cultivation team is implementing advanced quantitative genetic modeling into its breeding programs for precision control of cannabinoid production. As a compliment to this, the company has also developed proprietary extraction methods, and is working on methods for selective cannabinoid isolation to partner highly purified cannabinoid formulations with novel drug delivery technologies. Working with clinical collaborator Dr. Mohit Bhandari, the team plans to develop and investigate cannabinoid products for the management of pain within the context of musculoskeletal disorder.

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Our unique and precise growing techniques allow us to grow the exact product our customers need in the immediate future. But it also allows us to grow the exact product that we need for upcoming research – research that will let us determine the best ways to isolate, extract and examine the compounds in cannabis moving forward. This means that we will be able further our understanding of how all these compounds can be used to the best of their abilities, which will hopefully result in better practices within the medical cannabis industry.

Herbal Cannabis

One of the more popular consumption options is to grind the cannabis bud and smoke it either in a device (like a pipe) or to use rolling papers to roll it into a marijuana cigarette (joint). If you wish to directly consume the cannabis bud but don’t wish to smoke, you can always use a Vaporizer – which is part of Beleave’s harm reduction program.